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Have You Considered The Marketing Success May Not Benefit?

“Hustle” Is A Marketing Consulting Service For Product Driven Startup

Venture Sinks With Marketing

Digital Marketing as a Pitfall

In average, you can get only 1-2 paid-user when your site gets 100 visiters. Almost everyone don't become a paid-user.  Digital Marketing made easy to do marketing. In reality, it also made easy to attract non-paid audience.

Vehicle Is Not Always Fast

When you can meet premium prospects in the next building, do you try facebook marketing to reach them? If you look customer relationship in too simple way, you doubtly beleive you need faster vehicle, even if you don't need to drive.

Bet On Gamble

Airbnb started from creating website which targeted only one design conference. Successful venture bets on simple but razor sharp investment to gain business asset faster. If you don't try it, you are playing gamble for luck. 


"Hustle for an early stage startup is generally about spending your time on the things that are most likely to bring you customers."

- Dan Norris

We Offer 30min Consulting

To Reach Business Assets Faster


1. Product Goal

We start from why you do your business. We advise what will be your best destination to grow your business faster as assets.

2. Strategic Focus

To achieve the goal, you need to hustle where you can do your best. We advise where to do in accordance with your situation. 


3. Marketing Hustle

We advise marketing hacks how to start small for the focus. You will be ready to hustle yourself.

Our Workflow

Book Us

Let us know when you are available. We are also eager to hear what you want to know.

Fix Schedule and Payment

We will reply to you to fix the detail of our meeting. Our meeting is online. 

Consulting Time

We will contact you online. We are eager to support your business.

We Are Product Marketing Professionals.

Product Marketing is the process to maximize relationship between product and customer by using  from traditional to digital marketing techniques. The main difference from other marketing is it manages product life cycle itself.

We expertize from business planning to marketing channel design as a whole. Here is our knowledge for it.

 • Business Development
 • Marketing Strategy
 • Branding
 • Pricing
 • SEO / SEM / Web
 • Content Marketing
 • Online Advertisement
 • Seasonal Promotion
 • Offline Promotion
 • Public Relations
 • Marketing Research and Analysis
 • User Experience (UX) Design
 • Design Thinking / Lean Startup


Q. What company did you work with?

We are a startup project and have professional experience in product launch and life cycle management for multi-national company and startups in Japan and the Philippines.

Q. What payment do you accept?

Paypal is available.

If you want to secure your payment more, you can also book though Then, the consulting fee is $43.

For the detail of payment method, we will inform when you inquire.

Q. What platform do you use for online consulting?

Any free platforms on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. We recommend skype or goodle hangout.

Q. Don't you steal our business idea?

Never. We have own startup project. If you want, we can hold NDA.

Q. What if we cannot be satfisfied with your service?

We will do our best until you are satisfied with our service. If you don’t feel any value, you can get refund.

Why We Do This

One of my friends who is creating own startup asked to a digital marketing professional, “What  is good marketing channel for my business?”. The person answered “Depends. You should try one by one.”

Try everything? Pray for luck?

This is the choice to go to failure. SEO, social media and ads. Those are great marketing channels only when we design it under certain business strategy and assets. Our passion is to support entrepreneurs to proceed under uncertainty by mitigating the disturbance of Marketing.

Our consulting is only $35.

Investment with the cost of 100 clicks of facebook ads.